Sirodhara traditional Ayurvedic treatment

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Handcrafted in the Traditional Ayurvedic Way

Sirodhara traditional Ayurvedic treatment
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Four  - One Ounce Product Sampler
Choose any four of our Massage and/or Shiro oils to sample for $7.75 includes tax and shipping.

When you purchase a 16oz or greater of one of the samples you chose, we will credit you $5 on your order.

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Our Product Sampler

Maha Balm Pain Relief

Face Fresh Moisturizer is an organic Ayurvedic formula for daily nurturing of all skin types.  It is proven to minimize and prevent signs of aging, improve elasticity and revitalize dull skin. Specially developed with the best pure organic natural ingredients.  

Case Specials

Our Maha balm contains mahanarayan oil and other anti inflammatory oils such as winetergreen, eucalyptus, boswelia, to promote circulation and remove  built-up toxins. Gently rub the affected area with the Balm

When you buy...

Four 16oz of Herbalized Massage Oils - Mix and Match and Receive one 4oz Neem Sesame Oil Free

Twelve Maha Balm Receive One Nasya Oil Free

Four Gallons of Herbalized Massage Oil Receive one 32oz Carrier Oil Free

Twelve 9oz Herbalized Ghee Receive one 9oz Full Moon Ghee Free

Please Call or Email to Order

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