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AOM Traditional Mahanarayan Oil

Pain Relief

Handcrafted in the Traditional Ayurvedic Way

​Our Maha balm contains mahanarayan oil and other

anti-inflammatory oils such as wintergreen, eucalyptus, boswelia, to promote circulation and remove built-up toxins.

Gently rub the affected area with the Balm

Available in 2oz  glass container

Maha Balm

Traditional Mahanarayan Oil - Organic Ingredients 

This highly concentrated oil is heating and relieves sore muscles and joints.  It is one of the oldest Ayurvedic Oils, traditionally prepared in an organic sesame base with herbs like ashwagandha, asparagus racemoses, sida cordifolia, castor, and jatamansi.**

Ingredients: *ashwagandha, *shatavri, *bala, *castor, jatamansi, cloves, mahasudarshan, saindhav salt, *maujishta, *fennel, dashmool, *vidari, *paprika, *turmeric, *kutki, gugulu, myrth, eucalyptus, camphor, *milk,   unrefined Extra Virgin *sesame oil.     
Available in: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, Half Gallon (64oz), One Gallon (128oz) 

Introducing Our New Website Just For CBD - A. Muzda CBD 

 Now Offering Our Own Handcrafted CBD  Infused Products 

  • We can create Custom Formulations for your practice
  • We can Customize our CBD products to your specifications
  • You can choose a different strength CBD for your customers
  • Add CBD to any of our products - we will be happy to create it for you. 

You can trust, and we guarantee, A.Muzda Enterprises 
CBD products will have the strength and purity stated. 

It is a difference you can feel!
These claims are not verified by the FDA and always consult your primary care physician, before using any of our products.