Sirodhara traditional Ayurvedic treatment

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Handcrafted in the Traditional Ayurvedic Way

Sirodhara traditional Ayurvedic treatment
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AOM Super Sinus Nasya
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Nasya Oils

Nasya Oil Our Nasya oil is specially formulated with brahmi, calamus and other essential oils. Lubricating nasal passages helps carry prana to the head and other parts of the body, thus aiding in enhancing health breathing.** An Ayurvedic formula prepared in a base of organic sesame and olive oils.  Ingredients: *brahmi,*calamus, *sesame/*olive oils, sandalwood, eucalyptus essential oils.  * Organic ingredients. Available in 1 oz 
Super Sinus Nasya Our Super Sinus Nasya is specially formulated with heating herbs like fenugreek, turmeric and balanced with cooling herbs like sandalwood; to support an ease in breathing.**   Ingredients:*brahmi,*calamus,*neem,*guduchi,*licorice,*tulsi,*fenugreek, *turmeric, sandalwd,*sesame/*olive oils,  eucalyptus essential oils.         * Organic ingredients.                                                                 Available in 1 oz