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Contact:          Viraf Karbhari
Phone:             505-269-5409

 A. Muzda Enterprises is Now Blending the Ancient Ayurvedic Knowledge of Herbs, with the New Multifaceted Benefits of CBD, in Our Handmade Traditional Ayurvedic Products.

Albuquerque, NM – June 19, 2019 A. Muzda Enterprises – aka Ayurveda Oils and More (AOM) will officially debut its line of organic CBD infused traditional Ayurvedic products on July 1, 2019. A. Muzda Enterprises is an Albuquerque based boutique manufacturer of Ayurvedic Massage Oil, Ghee, Nasya, Shiro Oil, and other traditional products. They have won a dedicated following of individuals and practitioners of Ayurveda worldwide. One of the reasons for this following is because the products are all organic and handmade in small batches; which allows for the opportunity to customize to customers specifications. 

The request by customers for CBD infused products that they could trust was the catalyst for Viraf Karbhari to begin his research into CBD. Karbhari has a BS in Chemistry and spent months to track down the highest quality organically grown hemp farmers and CBD producers to be used in his products.

Karbhari said, “First I had to be sure it was legal and did not have any mind-altering effects, once satisfied, I began to create the products”

A. Muzda Enterprises is proud to offer their line of CBD infused products without compromising their dedication to quality and tradition.
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Additional Information

A. Muzda Enterprises
Ayurveda Oils and More
7321 Welton Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109

Viraf Karbhari, BSC
Owner of A Muzda Enterprises
Viraf Karbhari, BSC, owner of A. Muzda Enterprises, was born in India, grew up in Bombay, and had lots of Influences toward the Ayurveda lifestyle especially from his father. His father was a strict vegetarian, a fabulous cook for the family and a masseuse. Viraf grew up learning about the effects of massage/ essential oils and became very interested in the art of cooking. As a child, he also suffered from serious asthma attacks, which would disturb his sleep. His mother took him to the priest of a Holy Temple in Mahim a suburb of Mumbai, who instilled healing Mantra’s into a drink for Viraf. This profound experience sparked Viraf’s interest in mantra’s, and healing, which would someday lead him to the healing art of Ayurveda. Now Viraf uses healing mantras in the handcrafted oils he makes. Viraf went to complete his collegiate years in London England, and his Masters in the United States. It was here in the United States that Viraf took more of an interest in Ayurveda. He was specifically interested in cooking and the foods of Ayurveda.  Viraf began making oils due to his fascination with cooking. Once Viraf began to learn Ayurveda, he began attempting the ancient Ayurvedic oil formula, until he perfected them. Viraf then started this business initially making oils for a few small companies, and for 8 years grew to serve a dedicated band of customers. It is our loyal customers who have encouraged us to expand. Now we have been providing Ayurvedic oils and Ghees to the Ayurvedic community for the last 15 yrs. Here at A. Muzda Enterprises we place customers first and provide top quality herbalized oils and ghee.  

 A. Muzda Enterprises aka Ayurveda Oils and More 
Our Products For many years we have been working with trusted suppliers from India, who have been in the Ayurvedic field for generations. They are well versed in the land, the growing season of individual herbs, and where to find the best herbs from productive and healthy soil. We communicate with the Vaidyas and ask their blessings and guidance before introducing any new products. Most of our herbs are certified Organic, all are grown free of pesticide use and within the American National Institutions’ guidelines for heavy metals. We make sure that our suppliers have GMP license and stay in touch with local and Government Ayurvedic Agencies. ​​Herbalized Oils Our goal is to make small batches of Ayurvedic Oils, in the traditional way. We cater to many companies and prepare oils specific to their clients. Practitioners, please call to see about our availability to make oils specifically designed for your client base. ​

Ghees Our Ghees are prepared with as much care as our oils; small batches are made from pasture raised, and grass-fed, vat cultured, organic butter from. We purchase from small family farms, which pride themselves in taking great care of their land and animals.